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Hundred Islands

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Sparkling like diamonds, the waters glisten as the sun’s golden rays touch the pristine sea. Delightful in one’s eyes is the powdery blue sky casting a bright gleam beneath. The spread of white sand shimmers against the stream that changes hue—from emerald green to turquoise and azure—as the briny deep goes unfathomable.A stroll along the beach ends up with a dip into the soothing warm waters. Colorful tropical fish glide in somewhat orchestrated manner among a many coral gardens. Out of the water, discovery envelopes that it is not only one isle but a throng of numerous islands ambling along each other.

The count, even greater (actually 124 at low tide and 123 at high tide), sums up the grouping of isles scattered incidentally along Lingayen Gulf, many of which are still unexplored.Covering an area of 1,844 hectares, the islands are believed to be some two million years old. According to certain folklore, the islands were tears of a primeval giant who lost his ladylove. Others tell of tall-tale of mermaids that once inhabited its seas.



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